Whether you are a home cook or an expert chef, you should always make sure you follow the proper procedures when cooking. From having the correct utensils to knowing the right way to prepare foods, the list of knowledge can seem long but is quite simple.

Let’s begin by going over the basic tools needed in the kitchen. You probably won’t need Berkel Food processors but the list below can get you started.


Sauce pans:

You really only need two of these. A large one and a small one. The materials that work best are anything between copper and stainless steel, it just depends on what works best for you.

The large sauce pan is great for anything that you need space for when cooking, such as pastas, stews, and large bulk meals. The small sauce pan is best for sauces, boiling or heating liquids, and cooking things like rice and beans. When shopping for your sauce pans, remember that the heavier the bottom is, the less chances you have of your food burning.


You only need three different knives for cooking and preparing meals. The first is a good, heavy duty chopping knife, like a chef’s knife. This is used primarily the most in the kitchen. Next you will need a pairing knife, which is great for a number of reasons. You can skin fruits and veggies, use the end of the blade to de-skin meats, and anything else you may find it can help you with. The third knife you should always have is a long, serrated edge. This is perfect for slicing through breads, meats and just about anything you don’t want to fall apart.

The secret to making sure you have the right knife set for you is to hold it before you buy it. If the handle fits your hand in a comfortable way, then you will work comfortably i the kitchen. You will have a steadier hand as well as a better chop. The most popular materials for a set of kitchen knives seem to be the ceramic. Just like many other ceramic cooking product, it happens to be one of the best because it is nonstick and easy to clean not to mention has a great reputation in the kitchen.

pestle and mortarPestle and mortar:

Although it may not be in every kitchen, this convenient tool is very versatile. Its original purpose was for crushing herbs and spices, which is still its original purpose but modern day chefs have learned to expand on its purpose. You can make anything from dressings and pestos to guacamole and other hand squashed dips. No matter what you choose to use it for, the pestle and mortar is a highly recommended item to keep in the kitchen. It happens to be the best thing to use when making anything with herbs because it allows for maximum flavor.