Types of Kitchen Tools

frying pan

Frying pan:

This is a major staple to have in the kitchen. Not only can you cook so many things with a frying pan but if you have the right one, you can learn to use it for everything. The best frying pans are the ones with a metal handle because you can use them on the grill or in the oven.

The cooking options when using a frying pan are endless. You can sear, deep fry, slow cook, simmer, boil, create a one pan meal, and so much more with this one tool. The best material to use for this product is anything from copper to stainless steel. Also, just like the sauce pans, you will have better luck keeping your food from burning if you have a heavier bottom.

Casserole dish:

The best casserole dishes are made from ceramic and cast iron. These can last you forever if you take care of them and use them correctly. They can be used in the oven and on a grill (when done right). They are little ovens that go into an oven and because of that they cook your food in a lot quicker and more efficient than just putting it into a casserole pan.

For example, you can smoke a chicken on a grill and depending on how good you are at doing it, it may come out with minimal charred ends and some of its moisture left. In a ceramic roasting pan or casserole dish, you can achieve that smoked chicken with out the fire kick ups by sticking it right into the pan, covering it and placing it on the grill, leaving the top of the BBQ open. You want a small flame to remain and yes your pan will turn black but with these materials you can clean it right off and when your chicken is done cooking, it is not only falling off the bones but has an amazing smokey flavor.

Cutting Board:

A good cutting board should be durable, thick, and made of a great material that won’t chip in remain in the food. A wooden block is always the best and most recommended in the chef world for its durability. If taken care of it will last forever. You should never soak them in water or put them in the dishwasher because that is when they split and then splinter into the food. If you use any kind of kitchen oil on it, then it will restore its life expectancy. Almonds or almond oil should help buff out the scratches.

cutting board

Stainless steel box grater:

This is a must have in every kitchen. Not only do you have four different grating and slicing options, but this is the most sturdy and durable tools you should already have in your cooking tool kit. For obvious reasons, a grater is great for so many things. It is not just for grating cheese but for everything. Another “great” thing this tool is good for is to trick the kids (and complaining husbands) when your putting veggies in a meal.

For example, kids hate seeing there may be veggies in their spaghetti sauce. Most pick them out and put them aside, missing out on all the nutrients. Use the grater to shred them to their smallest point-thing literally juices the food and in some cases, purees it too. Mix it all up into your desired meal and VOILA! You have a hidden veggie dinner that no one will suspect was anything more than amazing.


This is another must have tool in the kitchen. A hearing knife cannily go so far but a peeler will bring you all the way. Once again, stainless steel if the best for this due to the fact that you simply don’t want that blade to rust and go. You also want to make sure you have a peeler that feels comfortable in your hand otherwise you will be slicing your fingers too.

Now that you have the knowledge to gather the basics for the kitchen, practice a recipe or to with some new utensils. Thinking you won’t find any of this stuff at a good price? Guess again because these days you can go into a 99 cent store and find stainless steel peelers, grater, mixing spoons and so much more. It is all up to you and how you want to cook. Just remember that when you prepare good food for you or anyone else, it will always make a smile appear.